February 14, 2023



✌️ Here is the first report of the "We Are French Indie Brands" collective during The special edition of Cosmoprof Asia 2022, organized by BolognaFiere Group and Informa Markets, was held in Singapore from 16 to 18 November 2022. Where we gathering 24 French independent beauty brands in a collective, playful and disruptive stand.

On our 48m² booth, we have hosted about 200 visitors per day and collected 350 very good qualified B2B leads.  
What is more, we created a team of independent brand designers who would take the project to all corners of the world !

In a few words :

💡 There are hundreds of beautiful cosmetic brands in France. Three friends from the south of France, Gnarl BASCOUL, Simon MENARD and Stéphane PHILIP, they said to theirselves that they would be stronger together in order to make their presence felt on the export market!

❤️ This is how 24 brands gathered together to go to Singapore to defend the colours of French export under the banner "We Are French Indie Brands".

☺️ For a first try, it was a great moment (#stongertogether), with excellent commercial prospects, and a strong inducement to dare to go further for the next meetings to come !

🙏Many thanks to Business France and Cosmoprof Asia for their welcome, with sincere thanks to Alexis Robillard (founder of ALL TIGERS 🐅 ) who initiated this collective dynamism between independent brands.
We would also like to thank the "special guests" who were the French ambassador, the SEAN direction of the INPI France, the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna teams.
As well as many partners from the 5 continents, with whom we were able to sketch great projects for tomorrow.

It's the end of a great show, but the beginning of an even greater, audacious and collective adventure ! We hope to see you all soon for news of the collective and its new projects.

🔝 Go Frenchies, go Indies

👉 NB : If you are interested in joining our WAFIB collective, do not hesitate to contact us by DM on LinkedIn or by email on