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Skin care, perfume, nutri-cosmetics
11 references (2 new face care SKUs to come in 2023)
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TiLSylvie & Odile POLETTE
Sylvie & Odile POLETTE
Unlock the power of the linden tree.
+33 6 75 62 96 57

TiL is the 1st holistic beauty brand for skin, body & mind made from the soothing benefits of the Linden tree, harvested in a family estate. 3 years of R&D to create our exclusive active ingredient. Fragrance by Francis Kurkdjian. 100% MIF. Up to 99% natural ingredients. Vegan.

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Eau de Toilette (Eau qui Enlace), Face cleanser & makeup remover (Gelée à Fleur de Peau), Soothing regenerating night balm (Baume qui Ressource)