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France, Benelux, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic
Mencare, grooming, shaving tools
17 cosmetic references +100 shaving tools
15 - 65 €
PLISSON 1808Thomas & Isabelle Villeneuve
Thomas & Isabelle Villeneuve
Plisson 1808, wild by nature Feel invincible, powerful, seductive, thanks to his appearance with Plisson
+33 6 62 92 05 59

Founded in Paris in 1808, Plisson is the oldest shaving brush factory in the world. Our unique know-how has been handed down from generation to generation and is perpetuated today in our French workshops. We are conquering men’s beauty with 15 natural skincare products.

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France, Benelux, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic

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Anti-aging cream, shaving cream