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Skincare & food supplements for female hormonal balance ( Physical comfort, emotional balance & beauty) without phytohormones nor endocrine disruptors)
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MiYéCaroline de Blignières et Anna Oualid
Caroline de Blignières et Anna Oualid
Let's reinvent a new women's body ecology & hormonal beauty
+33 6 13 18 82 99

MiYé, which means "the female good friend" in Provençal, is the first brand of natural care products and food supplements dedicated to the female hormonal balance, from puberty to menopause, around 3 main axes: physical comfort, emotional balance, skin and hair. Let's invent together a new body ecology without having to choose between efficiency, naturalness and safety. (Without suspected endocrine disruptors or phytohormones).

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[MY] Homonal women's balance / [MY] hydrating & rebalancing intimate gel / [MY] redensifying hair serum